About Me

I am Juliston, a Web developer and Freelancer with excellent expertise in PHP, MySQL, and WordPress. I have been developing Web applications for the past 6 years, serving hundreds of clients all over the world.

My primary job is developing small and large applications in PHP and MySQL. I have more than 6 years experience working with reputed companies and freelancing globally. I am a life-long learner and am always developing and learning the latest applications and expertise.

Though I may compromise with payments in order to meet your budget needs, I will never compromise the quality of the work. Among my clients, I am known for delivering only the highest-quality work.

What else can I do for you?

WordPress Themes

As the response to WordPress websites has been increasing dramatically, I specialize in WordPress Themes and Plugins. Briefly, WordPress Themes are layouts that can be switched from your admin dashboard. I can build WordPress Themes from Photoshop Document Files (PSD) and from XHTML Files. I will also make sure that all of the XHTML files created from PSDs are W3C validated.

WordPress Plugins

I can also build custom WordPress plugins. One of the most well-known features in WordPress is plugin development. Web developers can include their custom functionality. You can make the WordPress CMS act as a shopping cart, news magazine, and even a portfolio website. I can build WordPress plugins to any client specification, troubleshoot, and add new functionality to existing plugins. A few of my most recent WordPress plugins include travel bookings, hotel management, and car rentals.

Why you should hire me?

Hire MeYou should hire me because I am self-motivated, hardworking, and most importantly,easy to work with. I possess the knowledge and skills which are required to make your website standout in the world. Aside from my work experience and knowledge, I have a strong work ethic, ability, and integrity. I am capable of learning and catching on to new systems and ideas in extremely short turn-around times. For example, I recently learned a new Theme Frame work, Headway Themes, in just a few hours at a client’s request. I’m responsible, well organized, and take pride in following through with my tasks and deadlines. I have the skill set necessary to perform the job you need done quickly and efficiently with a good attitude to go with it. And although there may be others that are just as qualified if not more qualified, they do not bring the flavor that I bring to the mix. I think my cheerful demeanor and my strong work ethics combined make me a wonderful part to work on your project.

What can I do?

  • Develop customized websites that suit your requirements
  • Troubleshoot websites developed on PHP and MySQL
  • Prepare WordPress Themes and Plugins
  • Server and Data Transfers
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Complex projectsthat involve and impact thousands of clients


To date, I have worked with clients from the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. Upon request, I can also provide client references in addition to what is found here on my website.

Work Style and Payments

Once the client sends me the specifications and guidelines for the job, I analyze everything, starting with database design. Should something need clarification, I am availableto chat with the client and send a detailed list updating relevant information about the project. Each project is split up into small modules with time estimation calculated from that. Then, I forward to the client all this informationalong with my projected cost. If I have a suggestion for an improvement beyond what we have discussed, I contact the client before proceeding further.

I also make sure not to take on too many projects over the same time period. That way, I can focus on the projects at hand.

Regarding payment, Paypal transactions are preferable to me. Should a client prefer another payment option, I do my best to arrange for that,as well.

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