Mr. Juliston is very knowledgeable and helpful. We had a website created from scratch for a year and it was not functional at all. We hired Mr. Juliston who gave us a reasonable and affordable price to update our website and now we have a functional site that is reliable for our business. We are very pleased with his skills and the results he delivered us. We definitely would recommend him to others and re-hire for future projects. Thank you for your patience and help.

Elle M. Lee, S.E.B.

Exceptional service!  I needed PHP coding done quickly and Juliston provided exactly what I needed within hours of my request.  I wish everyone in the business industry was this qualified and reliable!  I highly recommend Juliston!

Judy Morris

We had a large project; and had plenty of trouble finding a developer able to pull it off. We were disapointed with our first pick and then turned to Juliston. Juliston was able to pull everything together seamlessly and had no trouble in pulling off our wishes no matter how excentric a task it seemed. He handled everything quickly and efficiently. We now have several fully functional sites with site flexibilty than we could have dreamt of for ecommerce. We will definately be sure to come to Juliston for all of our future needs.
Jared Vasquez

I want to thank Juliston for his great communication via email and his understanding of the project that was at hand (my program video). He completed the task very fast and most importantly the quality was unsurpassed.He told me that YES I can do this for you and I WILL get it done. With that reassurance why would I ever need to look any further? He stood by his word 100%.

I would highly recommend his work to anyone. It was a pleasure doing business with you Juliston.
Jack Casarez

I am very happy to recommend Juliston as an excellent HTML/PHP and MySQL systems engineer capable of system design, system engineering, programming and system testing.

He has continually produced work of a very high standard and most importantly made deliveries that met all our agreed targets and delivery schedules.

Following our outline specifications Juliston created a MySql database from scratch including excellent easy to use data administration web pages. Most importantly Juliston also alerted us at on any possible data mismatches or conflicts. This proved to us that Juliston had put in that extra effort to fully understand the purpose of the data and the database.

To provide the user interface, again working from our outline specifications, Juliston has created excellent user friendly Internet pages that fully meet our requirements.

Most importantly the systems when delivered to for system testing have functioned as required. As with any new system minor changes to the initial design have been needed and Juliston has responded quickly and accurately to our requests for program and Database changes.

As planned Juliston created and delivered the new replacement system initially to a separate test web site. When system testing was completed Juliston moved the completed system from the test web site to our live production web site. We have recently completed parallel running against our old system with 100% success. Well done Juliston.

We plan to use Juliston for all our further work.

Finally Juliston has been a pleasure to work with. He is honest, reliable and fully trustworthy.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Juliston as a first class computer professional.
Wej Parry

Juliston,a passionate developer whom I met after a very long time. Juliston created a excellent website for our prayer ministries within our budget. Also, I suggested Juliston, for another project. I am sure to work with him in near future.

This writing on eCommerce shopping cart practically opened my eyes to a new perspective wherein site clone is not a distant possibility and one can also gain access to freelance PHP and experienced and expert wordpress developer without toiling too much. Thanks a lot, author for this.
Robert Solano

Still You need more reference, Please let me know. I am happy to provide you.

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