$199 Website

Own a website for your business for $199 Only.

  • Includes Web site design template, Server space, Domain name( Will guide you to buy it).
  • Includes upto 10 pages website with a contact form.
  • WordPress CMS with a back end to edit the content easily .
  • A tutorial will be given to edit the content if needed.


To have a website, you need two things. A domain name and hosting space. I will help to book your own domain name and I will give you hosting space with your own control panel( cPanel ). I will provide full support from booking domain names to hosting your site , selecting your design, programming , SEO etc.


What are the things included in this $199 ?

Domain name ( for 1 year, ) , Hosting space ( for 1 year ) , Select a premium website design from list of available design , wordpress installation, theme updation, content addition, small modifications in the selected design , as a whole you will get a 5-10 pages professional website with a contact form .

How much should pay after first year ?

$12( for.com domains, for others it varies) for domain name and $25 USD for hosting space.

How much hosting space a website get?

This pacakage is only for small business website. Normally 200 mb of webspace is alloted per website. Which is more than enough for a normal business website.

Will website get hosting control panel ?

Yes, a separate cPanel will be given to manage the hosting space. If needed, I can manage this for you.

How about customer support?

Normally to have a website, you just need spend $199 , select website theme from given list of themes, give the content about your website, book a domain. All other technical things will be taken care by me. If still you need any queries to be answered, you can contact me via my contact form. Normally all your queries will be answered within 12 hours.

Any other hidden charges?

No. All you spend is $199 for a small business website ( 5-10 pages).

Is custom features can be added to my website?

Yes, send me the details about the custom feature , I am freelance PHP programmer and I can work on your custom features for a reasonable rate.

Who is the owner of the domain name?

You will be booking your desired domain name in your own name. You are the owner of the domain name. If in future you need to move the website to dedicated server or other hosting server, you are free to move.

What if I dont like the designs you show?

I have big collections of templates avialable. Incase you dont like the design, you are free to give your own design ideas. So that I can create custom unique design for you. It will be charged depending upon the design.

How long it will take for my site to go live?

Once you book the domain name , provide the content and select the template design, it will take around 2 working days to bring the site to live.

How to signup for this package?

Contact me from the Contact us Page.

Thank you.

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