What I can do

  • Looking for someone to handle your PHP MYSQL projects?
  • You run a business and you look for someone to create a website that you can manage yourself?
  • You have a wordpress site and you need to include new functionality or add a fresh look for your website?
  • You look for someone to include new functionality for your website?
  • Moved to some other domain and you need a server transfer?

If you answered YES, for any of the above, then you landed on the right page. I categorized and listed out my skill sets below.

Skill sets

  • Web side Scripting Language : PHP
  • Backend Database : MySQL
  • Template Engine : Smarty, QuickSkin
  • Javascript Library : Jquery, Scriptaculous, Prototype js
  • Wrapper Class : ADODB, PHP Data Objects
  • Others : AJAX

PHP – MySQL Projects

  • Build PHP MySQL Web applications based on your requirement
  • Troubleshoot Existing applications coded on PHP
  • Include new functionality on your application
  • Export or backup all your database
  • Scrap Other websites and storing information on the database
  • Payment gateway integration

WordPress Projects


  • WordPress Theme Developmet from PSD (Photoshop Files)
  • WordPress Theme Development from XHTML
  • WordPress Theme customization
  • WordPress Theme Troubleshooting
  • Wordpress Theme Add-on


  • WordPress Plugin Development based on your requirement.
  • WordPress Plugin Troubleshooting.
  • WordPress Plugin Add-on.
  • WordPress Plugin Customization.

Server Transfer
Apart from the above, I can also do wordpress server transfer and I had experience in handling large volumes of data.

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